Recipe: The Egg Sandwich for Your Day Off

Proof that not all Mondays are created equal.

Proof that not all Mondays are created equal.

With a Monday off and a fresh batch of groceries in the fridge, I took it upon myself to prepare a breakfast more satisfying than usual. The picture above is what I came up with, a garlic and dill egg sandwich on a toasted everything bagel with veggies. It was good enough to want to share, so I threw together a quick recipe. Enjoy it on a morning when you have just a little more time on your hands.

2 fried eggs
1 “Everything” Bagel
1 Mushroom
3 cherry tomatoes
1 Slice Provolone cheese
Dill Powder
Garlic Powder

Chop up your mushroom and tomatoes.
Melt a bit of butter in a pan on low-medium heat, then add your arugula, mushroom, and tomatoes.
Lightly saute and season veggies with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.
Remove veggies and place on cutting board.
Begin frying your eggs in same pan as veggies. Season with salt and pepper.
Begin toasting bagel.
Once eggs are ready to be removed from pan, lightly dust with dill powder and basil.
Once done, spread a bit of mayo on the bagel, then top with cheese, veggies, and fried eggs.

That’s pretty much it. Smush it all into a sandwich and let the delicious egg runneth over everything. Nothing overly fancy. Just a tasty bagel sandwich to start a day off.

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