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Happy New Year from Games and Grinds!

Happy New Year from G & G! Continue reading

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March Etsy Finds

Year-round Etsy is a great place to go for unique finds. I usually find myself browsing through Etsy around the holidays and forget it can be a treasure-trove of artistic expressions and cool trinkets for any of your eclectic tastes. … Continue reading

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Easter: E is for Eating

Easter is an interesting holiday for adults.  With other holidays, such as Christmas or Halloween, you trade childhood nostalgia for fun grown-up traditions.  Of course, least we not forget the reason for the seasons… but my point is, compared to … Continue reading

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Here’s our Twitch Schedule for March

It’s been a slow start for us out here in Hawaii. An unexpected move threw a kink into our new year plans, but with March comes a chance to start fresh. It should be a busy month thanks to the … Continue reading

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Splatfest: Burgers v. Pizza

Well Squid Kids, it’s time for another Splatfest!  Being food themed, it of course draws our attention.  On one hand, you have pizza: the classic party food, the quintessential “chill night” dish, the one phone call away meal.  But then, … Continue reading

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