Which of Hawaii’s local species could we see in Pokemon Sun & Moon?

E3’s batch of Sun and Moon info brought with it the debut of 3 new pokemon. If early releases are any indication it looks like we can expect Sun and Moon to take strong inspiration from Hawaii’s local fauna. Pikipek shares a strong resemblance to the red-crested cardinal, and Yungoos is the pokemon equivalent of one of Hawaii’s most prominent invasive species. With that in mind I made a quick list of some other species we can expect to find around the Alola region.

llio holo I ka uaua (Monk Seal)
The obvious choice for a Popplio evolution. Literally translated to “dog that runs in rough water,” monk seals are some of the largest animals you’ll find around Hawaii, and they’re adorable to boot. Worst case scenario? Game Freak takes the name a little too literally and we get a water/fighting design, but would a warrior-monk seal slapping the hell out its opponents really be the worst thing ever?

Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (Triggerfish)
The state (and my personal favorite) fish of Hawaii. They are smart, sassy fish that love to tease
divers and spear fisherman by swimming right in front of your face. It’s like they know they’re a protected species. Plus, they make snorting noises! I’d love to see that personality brought to life in a pokemon, and the name triggerfish is just begging for it.

Koholā (Humpback Whale)
Humpbacks are featured in several “legends of creation” in Hawaiian lore, and for good reason. The behemoths frequent the islands during the winter months of their annual migration and put on quite a spectacle. We haven’t seen a new whale pokemon debut since Ruby/Sapphire, so I think it’s safe to say we’re overdue, yeah? I’m picturing another massive whale with a hard plate of ice and steal along its top side.

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Civilization 6 was announced, and I HAVE to talk about it.

Picture courtesy of Polygon.com

Picture courtesy of Polygon.com

Wednesday morning brought with it a surprise announcement of Civilization VI, due to be released October 21st, 2016. It was a pleasant surprise announcement that brings with it endless speculation. The Civilization series carries one of the biggest names in gaming, and Civ 5 set a pretty high standard. If the opening round of news gives us an idea of what to expect, it seems we have quite a few reasons to be excited.

City Planning

Taking a page from indie-RTS hit Endless Legend, Civ 6 will feature much more developed city expansion. Instead of occupying a single tile, cities will now sprawl out over time as each major upgrade adds to the city’s limits. I think this could mean a few things for gameplay. Expect cities to take on much more specific personalities as cities develop around surrounding resources. If expanded to the extent I hope, city building and management could become a game within a game.

Larger cities would also mean larger maps, as opposed to Civ 5’s tightly packed maps. Combat will most definitely be affected as well. No longer can you park a few units outside a city to overwhelm it. In Civ 6 Ranged units will become particularly useful to weaken specific boroughs as armies fight block by block to overtake capitals.


Civilization 6 changes up science gameplay by giving bonuses to nations according to the resources within that nation. Develop cities around mining or industry heavy resources and you’ll start to excel at technologies dependent on those resources. It should be a fun pairing to the new city planning additions, but it would be a shame if it pigeonholes nations into more narrow playstyles.


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The Search for an Overwatch Main


This weekend’s Overwatch beta was my first real exposure to Blizzard’s new class-based shooter. I’ve managed to avoid any real details on this game, but a few days with it was enough to place it high on my list of must-own games. The beta looked polished, and the gameplay was clearly designed around enabling a variety of styles. As a completely new player to Overwatch I stuck exclusively to the beta’s Mystery Heroes mode, where death forced players to switch to a random hero, providing the perfect opportunity to explore the game’s classes.

After a weekend of testing it’s clear no two heroes are equal, and if I’m going to be a decent teammate I need to find my go-to heroes. It may have only been a weekend, but I think I’m closing in a my spirit-warriors. Here are some quick thoughts and observations I came away with after the beta.

Despite being a defensive class, I managed to deal damage and eliminations in spades with Junkrat. Lob a few grenades at a group of enemies, then flee and booby trap the nearest corner. It’s kind of sad how many people fell for it.

Never was a fan of Engineers in TF2, but Torbjorn feels versatile enough that his play style never feels… turtle-ish. It’s not a sexy class, but any team will need one.

If you camp as Widowmaker, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Unleashing your inner Spider-Woman is the most effective (and fun) way of playing Widowmaker.

A pain to play against. A pain to have as a bad teammate. A pain to learn early on. Totally worth if for the trolling potential though. You haven’t lived until you see a well-placed ice wall funnels an enemy team to their doom.

This is the only class I can see needing a small nerf, either in rate of fire or damage. He has counters, but the maps have so many corridors at key objective points that he gets a natural bonus when stationary.

His secondary attacks are a lot of fun, but I could never get the hang of the bow. It didn’t help that Hanzo was one of my least played characters during the beta. If I feel like going lonewolf, I’ll probably stick with Widowmaker.

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Easter: E is for Eating


Easter is an interesting holiday for adults.  With other holidays, such as Christmas or Halloween, you trade childhood nostalgia for fun grown-up traditions.  Of course, least we not forget the reason for the seasons… but my point is, compared to how we continue to celebrate other holidays, Easter can make an adult couple feel a little left out.  I mean, it would be weird to see a bunch of adults running around in a field trying to find colorful eggs filled with candy, right?

So what do you do?  How do you celebrate, especially when it’s a celebration for two?  Well, for the past few years we’ve celebrated Easter by celebrating spring.  We’ve selected menus that showcase the change in season.

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Games on the Menu: March 2016

March 2016 brings with it a handful of games worth keeping an eye on. Take a look below to see which games we’ll be talking about this month.

Must Own

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD – Wii U – March 4th

I know the hype for this HD re-release isn’t quite building to a boil, but that isn’t keeping me from being excited to pick this game up on Friday. I haven’t played the original game since it first came out in 2006, and even then it was the (often considered inferior) Wii version. Many regard it as one of the easier Zelda titles, but Hero Mode along with an exclusive dungeon should keep the experience fresh. Oh, and of course I need to feed my new amiibo addiction with the exclusive Wolf-Link amiibo bundle. Be sure to join us on our Twitch channel as we play through this gritty Zelda classic.

Note: Twilight Princess is released and I’m playing it! Check out our channel this weekend to check it out.

Rocket League ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack’ DLC – PC – March 8th

Only recently announced, this $1.99 DLC looks like a worthy addition to the Rocket League roster. Who wouldn’t want to perform aerials and front flips with the Batmobile? It may not be a meaty update, but I’ve sunk so much time into the main game that I have no problem pitching Psyonix a few more dollars.

MLB The Show ‘16 – PS4 – March 29th

The pinnacle of video game baseball release for the 2016 season. It’s the only sports game that I buy religiously on an annual basis. I’m still not sure if I’ll pick this one up at launch (the ability to transfer my Road to the Show character helps that), but it is definitely on my short list of games that I  must own.

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