Splatfest: Burgers v. Pizza

Well Squid Kids, it’s time for another Splatfest!  Being food themed, it of course draws our attention.  On one hand, you have pizza: the classic party food, the quintessential “chill night” dish, the one phone call away meal.  But then, you have burgers, the all-American taste, the go-to for grilling, the second best thing to happen to fries (the first being Whataburger Spicy Ketchup, of course).

On Friday we’ll be live streaming Splatfest and representing our team, but which one will it be?  You’ll have to tune into our stream to find out. We’ll even be live-streaming a receipt of our choice!  But for now, let’s go ahead and weight the pros and cons of both.



  • Comes in all kinds of accessible forms… Delivery, frozen, pre-made, etc.
  • Easy to share, feeds a group
  • All the toppings!
  • Brick-oven pizza FTW
  • Cold pizza for breakfast is the solution to most problems
  • Pairs well with wine or beer
  • Great for a lazy night in
  • Easy portion control


  • Toppings tempt you into spending an extra $20 on your order.
  • Sides are usually just more pizza crust covered in butter (but let’s face it, breadsticks are really a pro)
  • Can be a pain to do pizza totally from scratch.
  • Easy to overeat…  2 slices turns into a whole pie real fast.



  • Portable
  • Burgers lover, fries, join the party and make it a threesome.
  • Creative sauce and topping options keep things interesting and diverse
  • Great to throw on the grill
  • All the toppings!
  • Available at most drive-thrus for less than $5
  • So much juiciness
  • That is all.
  • Pairs well with beer
  • A good pretzel bun is a religious experience.
  • The experience. There is nothing like grilling the perfect burger outdoors.


  • Not easy to share
  • If it’s a good burger, it’s messy
  • So filling and impossible to stop eating.
  • Anything less than fresh is a serious downgrade
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