Games on the Menu: March 2016

March 2016 brings with it a handful of games worth keeping an eye on. Take a look below to see which games we’ll be talking about this month.

Must Own

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD – Wii U – March 4th

I know the hype for this HD re-release isn’t quite building to a boil, but that isn’t keeping me from being excited to pick this game up on Friday. I haven’t played the original game since it first came out in 2006, and even then it was the (often considered inferior) Wii version. Many regard it as one of the easier Zelda titles, but Hero Mode along with an exclusive dungeon should keep the experience fresh. Oh, and of course I need to feed my new amiibo addiction with the exclusive Wolf-Link amiibo bundle. Be sure to join us on our Twitch channel as we play through this gritty Zelda classic.

Note: Twilight Princess is released and I’m playing it! Check out our channel this weekend to check it out.

Rocket League ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack’ DLC – PC – March 8th

Only recently announced, this $1.99 DLC looks like a worthy addition to the Rocket League roster. Who wouldn’t want to perform aerials and front flips with the Batmobile? It may not be a meaty update, but I’ve sunk so much time into the main game that I have no problem pitching Psyonix a few more dollars.

MLB The Show ‘16 – PS4 – March 29th

The pinnacle of video game baseball release for the 2016 season. It’s the only sports game that I buy religiously on an annual basis. I’m still not sure if I’ll pick this one up at launch (the ability to transfer my Road to the Show character helps that), but it is definitely on my short list of games that I  must own.

Maybe After a Sale

Pokken Tournament – Wii U – March 18th

It’s been a while since I wanted to play a game I know I will be terrible at playing. I was not blessed with fighting game skills, and I assume Pokken Tournament will further prove this. Still, this game looks incredibly polished (especially the character models and animations) and the gameplay looks the closest we’ll get to “true” Pokemon battle combat. Like MLB The Show, I doubt I’ll pick this up right at launch, but it is most definitely a must-own for me in the near future.

Heavy Rain – PS4 – March 1st

Heavy Rain was one of those games that was immensely hyped before its release and then quickly faded. I never got around to playing the original on PS3, and I’ve somehow managed to avoid all spoilers It seems like as good a time as any to try out Heavy Rain. I have a huge amount of respect for games willing to experiment with storytelling, so Heavy Rain holds a particularly high amount of appeal.

The Division – PC – March 8th

This game. I want to obsess over it. I’ve been looking for a persistent RPG shooter for years (Destiny never did it for me) and this game looks like it could be what I need. The beta was fun, but I’m not convinced the story/world have the legs to stand the test of time. As much as I want to dive into The Division, I have enough of a backlog to work on that I can wait a few months to see if and how the game evolves after launch.

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