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Aspen’s Guide to Avoid a Pintastrophe

If you’ve been keeping up with our recipe posts, you know that almost all of our recipes come from some kind of online inspiration. Sometimes I’ll go out searching for something specific, but a lot of my ideas come from … Continue reading

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Honey Garlic Adventures: Part 1

Anthony and I had a pretty great weekend.  It was the first time since summer that we both had the full weekend off.  We took advantage of it with some pampering, errands, drinks, and quality time around the house.  A … Continue reading

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Broccoli Parmesan Fritters

I was a pretty picky eater as a kid.  Verses Anthony, who would eat pretty much anything… But I grew up a chicken-nuggets and plain-cheeseburgers kind of kid.  My parents still seem to be in shock anytime I send them … Continue reading

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Crispy Chicken-Legs and Brussels Sprouts

I wish we could have had you over for dinner, whoever you are reading this. Anytime we make this recipe, I always want to immediately share it because it’s so tasty and so easy!  This Crispy Chicken dish has become … Continue reading

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Beef & Veggie Medley

It’s good to be back in the kitchen. Well, truth be told we haven’t really left the kitchen for the past three weeks.  The holidays are a great excuse to try out new and intricate recipes.  It’s always fun to … Continue reading

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