Crispy Chicken-Legs and Brussels Sprouts

I wish we could have had you over for dinner, whoever you are reading this.

Anytime we make this recipe, I always want to immediately share it because it’s so tasty and so easy!  This Crispy Chicken dish has become one of our favorite weekday dishes because it seems so complex but really it’s pretty simple.  We snagged the recipe from the blog So… Let’s Hang Out, we definitely want to give credit where credit is due on this one.  This is one of those few finds on Pinterest that following the directions actually gets you the pictured end result.  Below is the link to the specific recipe and our cooking experience in pictures.


Here is the link to the recipe: Crispy Chicken Legs and Brussels Sprouts

First, prep your veggies.  Out here you never know for sure what is going to make it to the island on any given week, so occasionally we’ve had to improvise without the brussels sprouts.  We’ve found that broccoli works just as well.


We also add a bit more seasoning than called for, a dash of garlic powder and red pepper flakes.


Next is your chicken.  The recipe is for chicken legs, but again, we tend to use what we have on hand.  The main thing I would recommend is to use a bone-in cut so you still keep the flavors you get from the bone.  You also want something that is similar in size for consistency in cooking time.


Throw your choice of chicken in your cast iron skillet and watch the magic start to happen!


Once both sides are nice and crisp, add your veggies, lemon juice, and stock.  We’ve used both chicken stock, chicken broth, and veggie stock and all have tasted about the same.


Once that’s nice and stirred, pop it in the oven.  Note, be sure your pan is oven safe before you attempt this.  Cast iron is great for stove top to oven cooking.


Bake until beautiful and enjoy!  We paired it with a coconut rice (you can snag that recipe from this post, it’s the same as the Thai Basil Rice just minus the thai basil) and a sprinkling of parmesan.


Mmmmmmmm… brb, running out to get more ingredients to make this again tomorrow.

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