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Crispy Chicken-Legs and Brussels Sprouts

I wish we could have had you over for dinner, whoever you are reading this. Anytime we make this recipe, I always want to immediately share it because it’s so tasty and so easy!  This Crispy Chicken dish has become … Continue reading

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Casual Observations from our First Twitch Stream

Sunday night Aspen and I finally dove into Twitch streaming for the first time. I’ve spent the past few weeks preparing and tweaking every setting I could find, but it was all useless without actually running our setup through some … Continue reading

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The Nomolulu Chronicles: Our First Steps in Animal Crossing

A couple doesn’t learn the limits of their relationship until they make the ultimate commitment. What’s that? You think I mean marriage? No, of course not. That’d be silly. I mean creating a town in the 3DS classic Animal Crossing. … Continue reading

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Honolulu Night Market

Wow, what a fantastic weekend!  An old college roommate and his girlfriend ended up in town, so we had quite the staycation (and will be recovering for several more days to pay for it).  We need to vicariously vacation through … Continue reading

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15 Games to Watch for in 2015

It’s time to look forward to the exciting slew of games on scheduled for release in the coming months. After a bit of research, Aspen It together a quick list of 15 games we’re looking forward to on PC, Wii … Continue reading

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