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Beer Review: Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 2015, Hoppy Lager

This weekend, while perusing our local beer aisle, I stumbled upon Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp 2015. Maybe it’s because I’ve been consistently impressed with Sierra Nevada’s specialty brews, or because I’m a sucker for annual editions of just about anything, … Continue reading

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We streamed video games for 24-hours straight. Here’s what we learned.

This weekend was the big event. A 24-hour marathon stream to celebrate the launch of our live stream channel on Twitch. We pulled it off. Now check out the recap below to see just what we learned. It’s a lot … Continue reading

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We’re attempting a 24-Hour Twitch streamathon this Friday!

You read that right. Starting this Friday at high noon Hawaiian time (5:00 PM EST) Aspen and I are going to go big and attempt to host a stream for 24 hours straight. It won’t be easy. It’s been a … Continue reading

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The Nomolulu Chronicles: Volume 2

It’s been two weeks since we first debuted our quaint little town of Nomolulu in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and it’s time to check back in. A new town is a growing town, and Nomolulu has all kinds of fun … Continue reading

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Honey Garlic Adventures: Part 1

Anthony and I had a pretty great weekend.  It was the first time since summer that we both had the full weekend off.  We took advantage of it with some pampering, errands, drinks, and quality time around the house.  A … Continue reading

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