December Twitch Schedule


Aspen and I have decided to try something a little different for this December. We’ve been wanting to get back onto a regular Twitch schedule, but our personal schedules are rarely consistent.  And so, instead of having a set weekly schedule, we planned out a set of days in the months when we KNEW we were able to stream. Those days are listed above. Hopefully this will allow us to keep to a schedule.

This format also allows us to announce a few particularly exciting days coming up in the next month:

  • December 1st-12th: TwitchAlerts is hosting a 2-week long charity event and we’re joining in. Visit the channel during one of these shows and any “Tips” given will go entirely to the preselected TwitchAlerts charity of the day.
  • December 19th: We’ll be celebrating a birthday here at Games & Grind by hosting a 12-Hour marathon! Show starts at 8:00 AM HST (1:00PM ESt)

We hope to be online by 8:00 PM HST on weekdays, and weekends are open for now. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates on show times and unscheduled shows.

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