Games of February 2017

February is here, and while many of us are still writing 2016 on everything (or maybe it’s just me), the video game calendar waits for no one. The second month of 2017 is a bit sparse, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing for me. I’m still working on a backlog a mile wide, so a month like this ends up turning into a “future sales wishlist” so to speak. Here are a few games of which I’m keeping note.

Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World

A port of the similarly named Wii U title. I never did buy Wooly World, but I played a few levels on various occasions and it was as solid as any Nintendo platformer. Don’t expect it to be groundbreaking, but it should be a fun game to play on-the-go, and its visuals are gorgeous for a handheld.

For Honor

The final beta just wrapped up for this game, and if it’s half as fun to play as it is to watch it should be a hit. Matches look intense, and the skill ceiling seems to separate the good from the great in a satisfying way. There are some potential technical hiccups to get past (peer-to-peer networking being a prime example), but I still expect For Honor to have plenty of potential given a week month of game releases.

Halo Wars 2

There are dozens of us that loved the first Halo Wars on Xbox 360. It was a simple but fun game that did a solid job of bringing the RTS genre to a console, and it was a great source of Halo-lore for dedicated fans of the series. If Halo Wars 2 can pick up the pace of play in matches, and have a meaningful story, it should be a great addition to the Halo universe.

Sniper Elite 4

If you’ve never played a Sniper Elite game, you’re missing out. They aren’t the deepest games ever, but the level design and gameplay are reliably good, and shooting nazis from 100+ yards away (with slow-mo x-ray glory shots for flair) never gets old. SE4 looks like an incremental improvement on its predecessors, and while I’m not sure it warrants a full-price purchase, I will definitely have it near the top of my list for the next sale that rolls around.

Horizon Zero Dawn

This is my way too early pick for game of the month. The trailers released so far have shown off some sprawling and lively environments and an interesting premise for its campaign. Who wouldn’t love killing robo-animals to suck out their souls for sustenance? I am a bit concerned over how similar some of Horizon’s features look to other games such as Assassin’s Creed, but I’m also a sucker for open-world games with engaging exploration, so I may just have to pick this one up at the end of the month.


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