March Etsy Finds

Year-round Etsy is a great place to go for unique finds. I usually find myself browsing through Etsy around the holidays and forget it can be a treasure-trove of artistic expressions and cool trinkets for any of your eclectic tastes.  Were going to start highlighting our favorite monthly finds.  Whether you’re trying to find a gift for someone special or just looking to treat yo’ self to something fun, check back monthly for our newest finds.

This month, we’re highlighting four of our favorite sellers:

Seller: BeerCapCountry

Interest: Beer

Product: Beer Cap Maps

Price Range: $$$

Why We Love It: You know somewhere in your house is a large drawer of bottle caps because you think one day maybe you’ll do some kind of craft with them.  Welp, here’s your creative and trendy solution.  These Beer Cap Maps come in the shape of the US or individual states and have bottlecap-shaped cutouts so you can pop in your favorite bottlecaps to keep on display.


Seller: AnchorKrafts

Interest: Disney, Pop-Culture

Product: Vinyl Decals

Price Range: $

Why We Love It: AnchorKrafts has a create selection of your favorite Disney decals, ready for any laptop, gaming rig or anywhere else you can to show-off your love of Disney.  Our favorite is the Wilderness Explorers logo we have on our car.


Seller: BrewerShirts

Interest: Beer

Product: Apparel & barware

Price Range: $$

Why We Love It: Show-off your love of a good brew with these trendy tees.  Whether your style is a raptor drinking beer or a workout tee letting your gym buddies know you’re sweating for the stout, they’ve got high quality products for everyone.  You can also find glasses, growler koozies and other beer-themed accessories.


Seller: bubbleandgeek

Interest: Pop-Culture

Product: Candles and Wax Melts

Price Range: $$

Why We Love It: Keep your game space smelling fresh-and-clean with scents to match your favorite pop-culture references.  If you ever wondered what the Yule Ball smells like or want the scent of Bacon Pancakes at any time of the day, this is the shop to go to.  Our personal favorite is the Winter is Coming Wax Melts.

$ = Under $10   II   $$ = Under $25   II   $$$ = Under $50   II   $$$$ = Under $100   II   $$$$$ = Over $100


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