It’s been a while…

Hello there Games & Grinds Faithful,

There isn’t a simpler way of saying it… we’re back! It’s been 2 years since we last posted to the blog or streamed anything online, life all too often gets in the way of passion projects, and that is what ultimately kept us from doing much of anything with Games & Grinds. However, life is an ever changing series of events, and so too is our online presence. So here we are, in yet another new location, ready to explore and share our experiences of food, gaming, and so much more with anyone interested in seeing them. Wondering what we’ve been up to the past 730-ish days? Well of course I’m going to write about it.

First things first: We are no longer in Texas. As much as we love our Lone Star State and all it has to offer, the mountains of Colorado came calling and we answered. More specifically we just hit our 1-year anniversary in Colorado Springs. Living in the shadow of Pikes Peak has been an experience to say the least, moving always brings challenges that we’ve taken on more often than most, but we’ve loved it. Sure, we’ve had to learn how to live in a place with plenty of snow and ice, a new time zone, and new local culture, but the instant access to nature and plenty of fun local breweries and restaurants have helped helped Colorado feel like home. Is it where we settle down for good? History has proven that is a bet no one should want to make, but for the near future we’ll make the most of it and see what happens.

Plenty more to follow with the start of 2020. Expect even more cooking content as we settle into our newly established Rocky Mountain set-up. As always thanks for reading or watching wherever you do, and we’ll see you online!

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