Cooking Preview: A few things to crack before Sunday’s omelette show

Omelettes are kind of scary, which is an odd thing to admit given that you see them on any good brunch menu.  But the truth is it’s a slippery slope and one wrong flip of the pan between an omlette and scrambled eggs.  I’ve avoided trying to make omlettes because of the intimidation factor, but recently decided it was time to figure it out.  

After a few months of trying, I’ve finally almost perfected the recipe.  It’s all about technique, but once you get it down it’s really pretty easy.

On Sunday at 10AM MST we’ll be live-streaming some omlette making as I teach Anthony the ins and outs of this breakfast dish.  Ahead of the stream, here’s the recipe that I’ve found works best:

Some things that I found surprising about my almost prefect omelet recipe: 

  • No milk or other liquid.  The recipe reasons that adding anything extra will result in fluffy eggs, which normally is great, but not for the omlette we’re trying to achieve. 
  • I’ve typically filled my (failed) omlettes with plenty ingredients, which is probably why the fold never worked and the eggs never seemed thoroughly cooked through.  The recipe recommends ¼ cup of fillings max, and while it’s hard to not want it oozing out of the eggs, show restraint and keep the ingredients minimal.  
  • Don’t be afraid of the fold!  If you keep your eggs at 2 and use a nice medium-sized pan it gives you a nice consistenty to work with, without overcrowding the pan, making the fold and flip something that’s easy to master after a few tries. 

See ya Sunday! 

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