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Announcing our Thanksgiving Day Twitch-Cast!

  We’re live-streaming Turkey Day from Honolulu and everyone is invited! Visit at the Games & Grinds Twitch channel this Thursday at 10:00 AM HST to join our Thanksgiving celebration! We’ll be spending the morning/afternoon prepping and cooking our Thanksgiving feast … Continue reading

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A few thoughts on Oktoberfest beers

Fall is a bittersweet time to live in Honolulu. As the rest of the country transitions into the colder months of the year we’re still stuck dealing with the same heat than has been plaguing us for months. Thankfully, Fall-based … Continue reading

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Recipe: The Egg Sandwich for Your Day Off

With a Monday off and a fresh batch of groceries in the fridge, I took it upon myself to prepare a breakfast more satisfying than usual. The picture above is what I came up with, a garlic and dill egg … Continue reading

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Beer Review: Maui Brewing Company’s Kihei Kolsch

If imitation is truly the sincerest form of flattery, Maui Brewing Company’s Kihei Kölsch is a symbol of outright adulation. Traditionally brewed in Köln, Germany, kölsch beers are known to carry a light to medium body, pale color, with a … Continue reading

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Crispy Chicken with Creamy Goat Cheese Pasta

We cook a planned meal… Eh, maybe 4 times a week.  We keep a pretty well stocked fridge and make the occasional grocery run to complete the meal when we need.  The other days of the week are usually frozen … Continue reading

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