The Nomolulu Chronicles: Volume 2

Logo courtesy of Nintendo

Logo courtesy of Nintendo

It’s been two weeks since we first debuted our quaint little town of Nomolulu in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and it’s time to check back in. A new town is a growing town, and Nomolulu has all kinds of fun shenanigans develop. New residents have moved in, public works projects have been completed, a tropical island was unlocked, and then some. Aspen and I have been putting plenty of blood, sweat, and bells into our work. Catch a glimpse of some of our work in the Nomolulu Chronicles: Vol. 2 at the link below.

First off, since Nomolulu would be nothing without the impeccable leadership of its Mayor and First Lady, here are a few personal developments for Aspen and me.



We have successfully paid off our first round of home loans. It wasn’t an easy process. In fact it took days of work harvesting and selling our town’s fruit supplies, fishing our streams and oceans dry, and wheeling and dealing with those conniving little Nook raccoon brothers. It would have been a heck of a lot easier to just sell ourselves off to perform despicable acts, but alas, the laws of Animal Crossing just don’t allow it. Despite all the hard work, Aspen and I were quick to jump back into debt for the sake of larger living spaces. After all, what’s the point of leading the people if our homes don’t loom over our loyal subjects as the kingly castles of old?

Speaking of our homes, with larger living spaces comes more creative freedom for our decor. Aspen has opted for an understated yet efficient living arrangement. I on the other hand have gone for something a little more… fanatical. If you’re going to build your own home in Animal Crossing, why not fill it with all of your favorite memorabilia from iconic Nintendo franchises? Oh, and did I mention that I unlocked the holiest of holy Hylian relics, the mother effin’ Triforce? How sweet is that? Between the Triforce, the Master Sword, and Majora’s Mask I’m pretty sure I have the power to rule over every rendition of Hyrule ever created by the Goddesses. Now if only every piece of furniture I owned didn’t emit a sound effect when every time I bumped into it, my home might actually be livable.

This edition of the Nomolulu Chronicles isn’t a solely narcissistic expression of materialism. Not even close. Aspen and I gave back to our community by donating copious amounts of bells to our most recent public works project, a new cobblestone bridge. As much as we loved our little town, the river splitting it in twain made it quite the pain to explore. Hopefully this new bridge helps. At least the denizens of Nomolulu seem appreciative.

With our public developments complete, it was time to treat myself to a little vacation. Luckily, Nomolulu’s former Mayor, Tortimer, has opened access to his private tropical island. It’s good to have connections in high places. I walked down to the Nomolulu Pier and spoke with our ship’s chauffeur, Kapp’n. After a few (somewhat) pleasant introductions, our dingy of a boat pushed off and motored on to our tropical island getaway. It didn’t take long to realize Kapp’n may or may not have let the salty ocean air go to his brain.

Rest assured, we eventually made it ashore at our destination. What did we find? That my friends, is a story better saved for our next volume of the Nomolulu Chronicles. Check back soon for more daring tales of adventure and city development in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

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